Apes are everywhere, but you won't find one like us. Our project represents the stories of 8,888 individuals who went to the US, Europe, Asia, etc., to join people, earn crypto and send part of the earnings back to their families in the Jungle.
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Project Utilities


Yes, we are prepared
for future game development
with our NFT family.

Virtual Avatar

Ready to comunicate all
kind of informations
with our audience.

Collection Generator

Software developed during
our collection will become one
of our products. NFT holders
will have significantly better
conditions to use.


A great project without merch?
No worries,
our fashion designer will
take care of it.

Short Movies

Production in Unreal Engine 5 gives
us the ability to create videos
in a short time. Would you like to
become a scenarist for our animated
movies? Get your NFT!

Funky Music Album

Take your collection
everywhere. Spotify album
Adopted Gorillas Club
is already in production.

Our mission makes sense

We are not activists, just fans of modern technology, games, movies, music etc., and we want to participate in creating the future; that is why we decided to create an NFT collection.

But, also, we are ordinary people who want to contribute to a good cause and make an impact. That's why we decided to donate money from the sale and raise awareness that the gorillas, our close relatives, are in danger and that they need our help.

we support

Born Free Foundation ensures that all wild animals, whether living in captivity or in the wild, are treated with compassion and respect and are able to live their lives according to their needs.

Created by Molki Vision

We are completely transparent so that you can trust that we are serious about our projects. Molki Vision is an established company based in Prague. Our team consists of 3D graphic designers, CGI artists, web developers, 3D fashion designer, and marketers, and we are constantly growing. Each of us brings our skills and unique views and ideas to the project, but we create the collection together and want to be perceived as a team.

The NFT trend is fluctuating and we are aware of it. That's why we strive to create a collection that is backed by a strong brand and that retains its long-term value.

AGC Blog

Adopted Gorillas Club

We have a vision and we are on an important mission. Our team is full of fans of modern technology and we believe in good karma. All of us want to participate in creating the future while preserving what has already been given to us.
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What blockchain do you use?


We use Solana blockchain.

How to get whitelisted?


Join our Twitter community and be proactive.
There are many opportunities; giveaways, challenges, etc.
You can get it also as a member of the group we collaborate with.

What is the mint date?


To be announced.

What is the mint price?



What is the supply?


8,888 beautiful gorillas are ready to be adopted.

What are the funds being used for?


The Adopted Gorillas Club is not just a PFP collection.
We are thinking long term; we are developing software; the Advanced Collection Generator.
We are planning future game development with our NFT holders. Salary of employees.
We will support the Born Free Foundation organization. Marketing purposes are a given.

Are there secondary royalties?


Commissions are 10%.