Introducing: Adopted Gorillas Club

We have a vision and we are on an important mission. Our team is full of fans of modern technology and we believe in good karma. All of us want to participate in creating the future while preserving what has already been given to us. Altogether we wish to create amazing art, help nature and make a sustainable project. This is our way of achieving this goal. 

Let's dive into the explanation and concept of our project.


Our vision is to help through the modern NFT project. Gorillas are critically endangered and we are not indifferent to this issue. Therefore, we decided to donate part of the initial sale to an organization Born Free Foundation with which we have a partnership that deals with protecting animals and their environment.

Also, we decided to launch our NFT collection on Solana, which has less impact on the environment than other blockchains.

Game ready

Our gorillas are game-ready and will be the main stars in the game we will create with the owners of our NFT. We have created a Discord channel where the ideation process will take place and together we will make the basics and rules of the game.

Virtual avatar and AGC series

We have also prepared a virtual avatar for you which will accompany you on the path of our project, communicate with you and share new information.

Moreover, our production team creates videos with the stories of our AGC gorillas. So be excited and watch our Adopted Gorillas Club series, published continuously on our Twitter.

But that's not all. We have a lot of great stuff in store for NFT owners!

Who is behind it all?

Adopted Gorillas Club was created by Molki Vision studio. We are a small visual studio based in Prague with 12 years of experience in 3D graphics. Our team consists of 3D graphic designers, a 3D fashion designer, a software developer, a marketing manager, and contractors.

How it actually started

In January 2022, we were approached by two Canadian guys who wanted to build an NFT project. After several discussions and online meetings, we agreed to cooperate. So we started with the production, which was our part of the job. They should've taken care of the marketing and business part of the project. After a few months, we did not see equivalent progress from their side and they did not want to share information with us transparently, nor did they want to pay us for our work as agreed in advance. And that's why we started to have doubts, but we didn't want to take drastic steps rashly. That's why we patiently waited for payment for more than two months and tried to communicate everything calmly. Unfortunately, we could not reach a mutual agreement and received only threats. That's why we decided to end the cooperation. But it was too late to end the whole project. We had already invested too much money, energy and time, so we decided to finish the project ourselves.

And here we are. Ready to present our hard work after six months, tens of thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours invested. We are dedicated to working on this project for another years if you give us your trust.